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Preserving a Historic Colonial Home

The Sarah Whitman Hooker Homestead is an important reminder of our country's proud history. This colonial homestead is the oldest surviving structure that is open to the public in the town of West Hartford, Connecticut, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is named for the one person who inhabited it the longest: Sarah Whitman Hooker.

Sarah Whitman Hooker was committed to the American cause in the revolution. She was highly respected in the community and by Governor Trumble. During the Revolutionary War, she was given the notable responsibility of securing two prisoners of war, Colonel Phillip Skene and his son, Captain Andrew Skene. They resided in the Sarah Whitman Hooker Homestead under her watchful eye.

The Homestead Stands as a Reminder of the Following:

• The Colonial Experience • Our Struggle for Independence • The Making of a Republic • The Building of a Nation

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Exterior View and Interior View of the House

An Enduring Symbol of Our Nation's Roots

In 1720 when John Seymour built his "mansion house on Four Mile Hill in the West Division," the thought that he was building an example of American colonial architecture that would stand for the next 300 years most likely did not cross his mind, but this is the legacy he left us. Proudly it stands, having done that most unlikely thing—survive into an urban environment at the turn of the 21st Century.

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